SpeciMen_Trilogy_Graphic Novel_LogoWhat is SpeciMen Trilogy?

The three instances of direct interaction between God and Satan recorded in Scripture inform the title of this graphic novel trilogy, SpeciMen

About the Title “Panopticon and the Love Resistance”

The Panopticon, a term derived from the Greek παν/pan: all; and οπτικος/opticos: seeing, was the name given to a prison design developed by the English philosopher Jeremy Bentham in the late Eighteenth Century… Continue reading…

“Hustling Like Odysseus:” An Interactive Discussion on Cover Art With Pat Seals

SpeciMen Trilogy Out of This World Alive-Cover_Pat SealsHarmonizing Creativity of the Green Heart Special Edition SpeciMen Trilogy Cover Art 

Pat Seals (also the bassist for the hugely popular band, Flyleaf), so graciously shared his woodcut art piece to adorn the pre-release Special Edition cover of SpeciMen Trilogy, Episode One…

Meraviglia Speaks to the Author
SpeciMen Trilogy Pandemonium…”… While many of us remained on Earth to mine its gold and develop genetic code which the Governor Himself would sanction as new life forms, Phaeton, as was his name in deep antiquity, led a great expedition throughout the ocean of space-time, locating each of the other seventy-one Life Planets within the universe…”

Gyges: Who is He and Why Does He Matter?
How did this fascinating historical figure come to join the mysterious order of Light?