SpeciMen Trilogy Preface

SpeciMen Trilogy Preface

A Preface to the SpeciMen Trilogy
Extracted from The Meraviglia Letters to Matthew Mossotti

SpeciMen Trilogy Pandemonium
Preface to SpeciMen Trilogy: “Out of This World Alive”
Extracted from “The Meraviglia Letters,” to Matthew Mossotti

… While many of us remained on Earth to mine its gold and develop genetic code which the Governor Himself would sanction as new life forms, Phaeton, as was his name in deep antiquity, led a great expedition throughout the ocean of space-time, locating each of the other seventy-one Life Planets within the universe. Long before Phaeton and his adventurers were seen off on their epic journey with the highest of angelic ceremony, the Governor Himself had first sanctioned that proto-humans would bear the Elohim physiological likeness, the same genetic code which had been given to us, the Malachim, when our stars were made personally manifest within corporeal bodies.

But, nearly 8,000 Earth years ago, while Phaeton’s league was out exploring the recesses of the physical realm, a great debate among the Stratia of Malachim shook the Celestial Congress Hall. The question at hand was whether or not a creature should be given a soul? A deep schism formed within the Malachim ranks. Led by Mikael, two-thirds of the custodians of the Creation voted that the Governor Himself might now permit that one creature should realize selfhood to achieve the divine capacity of language. However, led by Phaeton, the other one-third considered it a great perversion in the cosmological order that a biochemical machine should receive eternity in their heart. Nevertheless, the vote was in favor, so the Governor Himself formed a corporeal body from the material universe and then breathed His Infinite Being into Adam. A new spiritual body began to grow in the Capitol Realm, the highest heavens as they are oft called.

When Phaeton and the others returned to Earth, having completed the marvelous feat of traversing the entire space-time sea to locate seventy-one tiny spheres of matter that were to sustain all of the life-form in all of the universe, they were not welcomed home with the same jubilant celebration to which they had departed. The entire Malachim Host, myself included, had become utterly transfixed on this speaking man as he pondered the names he would assign to his fellow creatures.

The Governor Himself saw that the man was lonely, so he extracted DNA from the man’s rib to form the first speaking woman. In the first turn towards darkness Phaeton introduced a motion to the Celestial Congress that this man and woman should be sterilized, such that no offspring should occur if they were to cease partaking of the Honey which flowed throughout the Garden where the two dwelled in perfect harmony to water the Trees of Life (offspring cannot be had when both male and female of the Elohim image are partaking of the gold-infused energy water which sustains the mature physiological body into perpetuity). This motion was swiftly voted down.

For their pride, the Governor Himself commanded that Phaeton and his faction be grounded to Earth, forbidden to travel through the vast ocean of space-time which had been their great joy for over one hundred thousand Earth years. Darkness began to overtake Phaeton. He became Zophos when he coerced the man and the woman to learn of good and evil, breaking the heart of the Governor Himself. Because the pure code of the souls of the man and the woman had been corrupted, their spiritual bodies could no longer be housed within the Capitol Realm above the ocean of space-time. In His love, the Governor Himself created a containment zone underneath physical space for these contaminated souls and all who would follow.

Later, after the man and the woman had been cast outside of the garden where they and their entire future offspring would have no access to the Tree of Life and would thus certainly die, Zophos and his fallen cohorts took human wives. The World had become entirely evil all the time. At the time of the great flood, the Governor Himself banished the souls of the rebel Malachim from the Capitol Realm, causing one third of the stars to vanish underneath the heavens, their souls cast down below to the place under space and before time.

The containment realm has been ever since known as Planet Pandemonium. It consists of an adamantine surface which materializes as the eternal souls of physically dead humans come into contact with the chaos fire of the pre-universe. There personage becomes encased within the unbreakable adamantine it forms. Zophos and his fallen array have roamed the surface of resting souls ever since, plotting diabolical revenge. To harness the quad-form energy of the chaos fire, Mulciber, the chief architect of Zophos, began to construct a city from the adamantine blocks that surround the resting souls.

With the code of living human souls swirling above in the skies of Pandemonium, Zophos was quick to summon Mulicber to develop a technology that would interface with the point of contact with the space-time fabric above – the human mind. Through this subconsciousness infiltration technology, at the command of Duchess Sabotage, Conditioning Agents of Zophos infiltrate the thought-life of human specimen on your Planet in a sinister and genius plan to break out of Pandemonium, back out into the universe, to make war for the Light of the cosmos…

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